About BondFunds.com

BondFunds.com is a service of the same group that produces MunicipalBonds.com. We show the individual bond holdings of bond funds in a simple way.

Ultimately, a bond fund is a sum of its holdings. For investors that own bond funds, thinking about bond funds, or looking to buy individual bonds, we thought it would be worthwhile to show the top bond holdings inside 1,000s of bond funds. More than historical performance or anything else, our view is that the holdings of a bond fund is the most important thing to know.

Using BondFunds.com, you can decide on whether you would be better off buying a bond fund or simply buying a few of the individual bonds within the funds on your own. You get greater control buying individual bonds along with lower ongoing costs; you get professional management and instant diversification buying a bond fund.

BondFunds.com can help you decide between individual bonds and bond funds.